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Dunlish motor oils comes from the Schmierstoffwerk Duisburg lubricating oil refinery established in 1965.

Schmierstoffwerk Duisburg, as a professional manufacturer of dunlish lubricants, is headquartered in Duisburg, Ruhr Industrial Zone, Germany, with a production base area of about 52000 square meters. It is located in a large inland port on the Leicester River in the European continent. It is one of the top five German professional Lubricant manufacturing enterprises integrating R & D, production and distribution, with all-round transportation to ensure its With an annual output of 180000 tons, all kinds of lubricating oil products are continuously shipped to all parts of the world. Their products meet the European ACEA standards, and maintain long-term cooperation with famous German automobile brands such as Benz, BMW, Porsche and Volkswagen.

Schmierstoffwerk Duisburg lubricating oil is well-known in the industry for more than 50 years. It has an independent product laboratory and master the core technology of modern lubricating oil. It aims to realize the great contribution to the progress of human civilization in the era of globalization by continuously developing lubricating oil products with strong and lasting performance and the lowest environmental protection emission.

 93 tanks with a total volume of 9000 cubic meters                                                                          ●   Own ship Wharf           

●    Equipped with 14 40 m3 reactors                                                                                                    ● Own rail transportation

● Equipped with 12 150-250m3 mixed oil tanks                                                                                 ● Located next to the hub of the European main road

● 12 automatic bottling production lines can be filled with 0.25l-1000l oil


Dunlish Motor Oils(盾力仕潤滑油)源于1965年成立的Schmierstoffwerk Duisburg杜伊斯堡潤滑油提煉廠。

Schmierstoffwerk Duisburg作為盾力仕潤滑油的專業生產廠商,總部位于德國魯爾工業區杜伊斯堡市,生產基地面積約為52000平方米,,坐落于歐洲大陸萊菌河畔較大的內陸港口,是集研發、生產、經銷為一體的德國專業潤滑油制造前5強企業,四通八達的交通運輸,保證其年總產量18萬噸的各類潤滑油產品源源不斷運往全球各地,其產品符合歐洲ACEA標準和美標API,并與奔馳、寶馬、保時捷、大眾等德國知名汽車品牌保持長期的合作關系。

Schmierstoffwerk Duisburg潤滑油享譽業界50余年,擁有獨立的產品實驗室,掌握現代潤滑油的核心科技,旨在通過不斷研發具備強勁持久性能和最低環保排放的潤滑油產品,實現對全球化時代人類文明進步的偉大貢獻。

● 擁有93個總容積達9000立方米的儲罐                                                                                                    ● 自有船碼頭

●    配置14個40立方米的反應釜                                                                                                                  ● 自有軌道運輸

● 配置12個150-250立方米混合油罐                                                                                                         ● 座落于歐洲公路主干線樞紐旁

● 12條全自動裝瓶生產線,可灌裝0.25L-1000L規格的機油

原裝進口 品質保障 國際認可 權威認證
  • 原產地:Schmierstoffwerk Duisburg.德國杜伊斯堡市
  • 聯系電話:400-004-2030
  • 地址:中國(上海)自由貿易試驗區臨港新片區云漢路979號